SEVENTEEN: the next big K-pop group set to hit worldwide success.

Seventeen has always been a K-pop group that I have cherished and admired for their hardwork and originality. In fact, I still remember when I first discovered them by watching their SEVENTEEN Project program on YouTube which determined if they would debut or not based on how their performances were perceived by a random audience.

Meeting an Urban Legend: The Monster of Merseyside

It was July 2021, and the countries lockdown restrictions were finally easing. My boyfriend and I found ourselves in Harrogate, pet sitting for his aunt. She had left her 6 week old tiny black kitten in our care whilst she and her family camped in the lake district. We were staying in her townhouse, which was still in the process of being renovated. After exploring every nook of the residence, we found ourselves bored, and so we set out to tour the North of England.

What is hyperpop and why should we care about it?

The story of hyperpop as a music genre begins with A.G. Cook’s PC Music which came from England and emerged in 2011 with artists such as, Hannah Diamond and GFOTY. Defined by its fusion of early 2000’s pop aesthetic with experimental, abrasive and almost satirical sounds and vocals, PC Music really did pave the way for the birth of hyperpop.