Are Young People Still Reading?

If people were to ask this question a few years ago the answer would be a definite no. It was thought that most teenagers and young people had given up on reading as a hobby, being more consumed with TV shows and movies in this new age of streaming. Older generations were never really considered to have fallen off the habit of reading but younger generations were, only picking up a book if they were forced to when completing school work.


However now, this is no longer the case.


A Definitive Ranking of McDonald’s Cheese Share Boxes From Worst to Best

During my 22 years on this earth, I have eaten - some would say - an unhealthy amount of McDonald’s. I can’t argue with those people, nor would I want to. However, if it weren’t for me and my insatiable hunger for all things cheesy, perhaps you wouldn’t have this list, and more importantly, the answer to one of most importance questions ever: Which is the best McDonald’s cheese share box?

5) Mozzarella Dippers

60th Doctor Who special promises companion cornucopia but how has it worked out in the past?

These past few weeks, we’ve been hit with a lot of exciting Doctor Who news. Not only is fan-favourite 10th Doctor (David Tennant) returning for the 60th Anniversary special, so are (at least) several companions. Confirmed so far are Donna Noble (played by Catherine Tate) and Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins), two titans of the later 10th Doctor’s era. Despite the overwhelmingly positive response by fans, perhaps it’s time to look back on previous times companions have come back, and whether the stories have lived up to the hype.