If you’re coming through clearing to join us at CfJ this year and haven’t yet sorted out where you’re living, you might be interested in looking at the super-fantastic space we’ve still got for our house!

Three (soon-to-be) second year students are looking for another journalism student to join us in our house next year after the initial plan fell through, so we're asking any new students starting next year, whether undergrads or Mas, if they'd like to join us and we’d even go so far to day the deal is better than Quays!

·         Rent is just £89 a week – that’s over £30 cheaper for a room of the same size.

·         This includes all bills, internet and, unlike in halls, a TV licence and our internet is wireless!

·         Unlike in halls our bathroom comes with a bath as well as shower, we’ve got a living and dining area and a garden.

·         All of the rooms come with their own locks and everything’s fully furnished.

·         We’ve also got enough pots and pans to sink a small ship, so there’s no need to splash out on your own kitchen equipment – as long as you wash up after yourself we’re happy to share! 

·         We’re also closer to university (so you get to spend longer in bed), closer to town for shopping and nights out and a mere two minutes away from a Chinese and Fish and Chip shop!

The house also comes with the added plus of being able to meet the housemates before you decide whether or not to move in and we’re happy to meet you first, have a chat on the phone or give you a look round – whatever really!

Just for the record you'd be living with three other journos; two girls and one boy. Our names are Jem Collins, Lydia Hamilton & Kieran Watkins if you want to Facebook stalk us first.

If you're interested or want some more information feel free to drop us an email at jemcollins@live.co.uk

Also free to do viewings Sept 5th!

Coming through clearing and want somewhere cheap and lovely to live?