Medwire Christmas 2013

Once again, it's the moment you've all been waiting for (or not) The Medwire's Christmas edition - the last one of the term!

This has been a great issue, entirely put together by the team themselves and personally for their first issue going it semi-alone I think they've done a great job!

You'll be able to get a print copy next week :)


The Medwire Freshers!

The Medwire, the publication run for students by students at the Medway campus is looking for new CfJ-ers to get involved!

Whether you're a fresher or an MA student we'd really love you to join the team and get writing!

Currently we run a print edition twice a term as well as a news website which is updated daily with original news stories.

This year we are also launching the Medwire TV, so it really is a great time to get involved.

NUS recruiting part time student writers - paid

It's just been mentioned to me that the NUS are hiring 8 part time writers for their website and they're willing to pay.

They're looking for people to write them two pieces a month on a selection of topics, both news and comment, and will pay £400 for the year as well as pay for your student NUJ membership.

I thought it seemed like quite a good thing to put on a CV so thought I'd share it with you all. The deadline is October 16.

Last Medwire of the Year

The last copy of the year is here for your viewing pleasure. There are also paper copies in the newsroom and be delighted if you'd like to take a few off my hands, seeing as I have about a thousand of the things.



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