Medwire hits the nationals AGAIN

 For the second time already this term a Medwire story has made it onto the pages of the national media.

This interview by Matt Charles featured on our homepage a few days ago and quickly amassed over 170 Facebook Likes and over 300 500 Views.

It's now made it onto the pages of the Daily Mail Online courtesy of the centre's very own Sara Malm.

Quotas are not "quick fix equality"

Sometime last year a friend of mine posed a very interesting question. We had just finished dinner and were well on our way through our second bottle of wine when he mentioned some problems he'd been having at work. As the organiser of promotional events and conferences for a charitable organisation, the booking of speakers fell solely on his shoulders. Yet for some reason he had found there were simply not as many women speakers as men. His answer? Introduce a quota.

Leon McCarron: "I'm an adventurer and this is what I do with my life"


Veteran adventurer and Kent graduate, Leon McCarron, opened this year's series of open lectures at the University of Kent with a dynamic tale of guns, tornadoes and opportunity.

Leon McCarron was just weeks into his trip when he was held at gunpoint. His only route of escape was towards a tornado.


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