Four badminton pairs disqualified from Olympics, and very rightly so.

When was the last time you saw the entirety of Manchester United football team decide they’d had enough, refuse to break out even the most feeble of jogs and take turns at kicking the ball into their own net? Or perhaps you were disappointed last time you saw Usian Bolt when his famous sprint was downgraded to a sauntering, hands in pockets jaunt, just as he got to the final straight?

The Jem Collins Sky News Blog 2012 is open for business!

For those of you who've been spared the horror of my increasingly excited Facebook feed, you might be interested to know I started my placement at Sky News today.  Having noted that Alan, Dan and Tania all kept a record of their time at Sky and not wanting to be the one to let the team down, I've started my own record of my time at Sky here and the first post is already up!  Tiredness-level-dependent I'll be posting everyday and will try my best to keep you updated with all of the goings on at Sky HQ.

Starting at CfJ in September and need somewhere cheap to live? (MAs and First Years!)

Three (soon-to-be) second year students are looking for another journalism student to join us in our house next year after the inital plan fell through, so we're asking any new students starting next year if they'd like to join us!

We've got a really nice house just a five minute walk away from the Centre for Journalism at just £89 a week (that's over £30 cheaper than Liberty Quays!). This includes all bills, a TV licence (you don't get that at Quays either!) and wireless internet connection.


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