The Exclusives confirms everything I hate about reality TV

Earlier this year a friend of mine sent me details about an “exciting” new TV show to launch this year, marketed as the journalistic version of The Apprentice. Initially dubious about the damage (as opposed the fictitious benefits) a reality TV show could do to my potential career I decided to give it a miss. It wasn’t until what seemed like the entire population of Kent’s journalism course started applying I decided to jump on The Exclusives band wagon.

Libel laws need reform - Simon Singh

Libel laws are stifling the media’s ability to address public concerns was the message put to students yesterday in an open lecture by Simon Singh.

In the hour long lecture at the Canterbury campus, the acclaimed scientific author and journalist talked about all aspects of the media, from the good, to the bad and ugly.

He said: “How can you have a journalist raising a legitimate concern then finding themselves sued for libel?”

“We think we live in a free country but our libel laws are some of the strictest in the world”.

James Murdoch's resignation: killing two birds with one stone?

James Murdoch’s resignation from News International is perhaps a rather effective way of killing two birds with one stone.

In the ever continuing midst of last summer’s phone hacking scandal, the reputation of the company has failed to recover. It’s been just six months since the closure of leading title News of the World and daily hearings at the Leveson Inquiry never fail to keep the flame of accusations alive. It was only this week that speculations arose about the launch date of Murdoch’s new titles the Sun on Sunday; hurried to get on the shelves before a spate of high profile witnesses.

Dr Stevie Spring lecture: Is there a future for paid journalism?

In three years’ time I'll be 24. I will have finished my degree and I'll officially be a grown up. Perhaps not unlike any other first year undergraduate, I find the prospect frankly terrifying; all I wish for upon my graduation is to wear one of those stupid hats, walk down the cathedral aisle without slipping on my backside and know I’ve got my dream job ready and waiting.


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