Three (soon-to-be) second year students are looking for another journalism student to join us in our house next year after the inital plan fell through, so we're asking any new students starting next year if they'd like to join us!

We've got a really nice house just a five minute walk away from the Centre for Journalism at just £89 a week (that's over £30 cheaper than Liberty Quays!). This includes all bills, a TV licence (you don't get that at Quays either!) and wireless internet connection.

All the rooms are lockable with your own key and we've also got a garden (BBQ time!), living room, bathroom (avec shower and bath) and a kitchen and we're planning on keeping a cabinet well stocked with chocolate and gin!

We're quite keen on cooking (and no one has died yet) and other social antics, so you'd be more than welcome to join but we promise we won't force you if you don't want to!

If you care to take us up on our offer you'd be living with three other journos, two girls and one boy. Our names are Jem Collins, Lydia Hamilton & Kieran Watkins if you want to Facebook stalk us first.

You're more than welcome to meet us beforehand to decide if you like us, have a chat on the phone or a look round the house.

If you're interested or want some more information drop us an email at

Obviously everyone is waiting on grades right now, but feel free to drop us a line if you're interested anyway!

Starting at CfJ in September and need somewhere cheap to live? (MAs and First Years!)